Around 90 percent of skin aging is caused by the sun. On average, women will sustain 80% of their sun damage before they turn 20. At 20, collagen production begins to decline by 1% per year, and skin thickness will decrease roughly by 7% every 10 years. At Marin Medical Aesthetics & Body Sculpting in San Rafael, we are proud to offer our patients a solution to maintain a youthful appearance and reverse the signs of sun damage to skin. The Exilis Ultra 360™ is the first and only device to simultaneously use radio frequency and ultrasound and combine them to tighten skin and address body concerns. It provides controlled heating and cooling, which ensures that the energy is delivered to various depths in the targeted tissue. By changing between power and cooling during treatments, the device allows the doctor to treat deep tissue all the way to the superficial layer of the skin. This also provides guaranteed safety during treatment; skin temperatures are controlled throughout the entire session.

Treatable Areas:

  • Neck
  • Chest
  • Eye Area
  • Arms
  • Hands
  • Abdomen
  • Thighs

Buttocks Areas of Concern:

  • Loose Skin
  • Stubborn Fat
  • Cellulite

The Exilis Ultra 360™ is the ideal treatment for any patient between the ages of 21 and 70+ who is looking for cosmetic enhancements for their face and body. This procedure meets strict safety standards and, as mentioned before, contains an energy flow control system to ensure the exact amount of energy is delivered during the treatment. At Marin Medical Aesthetics & Body Sculpting, one of our doctors will create the best treatment plan based on your individual needs. Patients generally have an average of 2-4 treatments scheduled weekly. Treatments generally take between 15-30 minutes, though this can vary depending on the body part being treated and the amount of treatments needed. Patients have reported seeing amazing results, and there have been encouraging clinical outcomes.

The entire Exilis Ultra 360™ procedure is non-invasive and requires no recovery period. Our patients can easily have the treatment on their lunch break and return back to their regular daily schedule. Results can typically improve over a 3-month follow up period, but you may see visible improvements after just one session. Exilis Ultra 360™ has been researched and developed for many years. Its technology has enabled many doctors to offer comfortable and safe therapy that uses radio-frequency and ultrasound.

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